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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Well, then, perhaps I heard wrong. I've never paid much attention to the show. I could have sworn I read an article where he was unhappy to be stuck with the baggage from the original BSG-- I assumed from the context that it was forced upon him by Sciffy.
Seriously? After all this time and all the negativity you've thrown at the re-imagining, you "never paid much attention to the show" ?

You don't think it's arrogant or well, silly to judge something based on whatever minuscule attention you did pay it?

How in the world can you make an informed opinion on something if you haven't paid any attention to it? That'd be like me telling you your writing is shit because I don't like the cover art of your book. (Which I'd never do, by the way, because if I were to comment on any of your writing, I'd have taken the time to read it first.)

Really disappointed in this.

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It helps, of course, to actually pay enough attention to a thing to critique it with some accuracy, if one's determined to critique at all.
Precisely. If only more people online who are so hell bent on bitching about stuff would follow this simple advice, we'd have less stupidity to sift through.
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