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Could "Star Wars" happen in the 23rd Century Mirror Universe?

Lets flip over to the Mirror Universe of the 23rd century, before Emperor Spock took over and turned it into a Republic, lets assume this version of the Mirror Universe is the counterpart to the Star Trek XI movie, in that everything that happened before The Star Trek Episode "Mirror Mirror" occured as per Star Trek cannon, but since we have a different Universe on the other side Kirk and others don't beam over to the ISS Enterprise as had happened in original Star Trek canon.

Lets take this universe with the Terran Empire and ask the question, can this in anyway resemble Star Wars? There too we have an evil empire to deal with, The Terran Empire is smaller than the Galactic Empire of Star Wars, but it is certainly evil and human dominated like the other one was.

The first step is to find a suitable desert planet orbiting a close binary within the Terran Empire. Well have to replace the Star Destroyer and the rebel ship with something close enough in the Star Trek Universe, and we need a princess that needs rescuing, and some heroes to rescue her, and perhaps an elderly vulcan as well living out on this desert as a hermit. Could this work? what do you think?
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