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Re: Armstrong stripped of 7 TdF titles

I don't know what the financial stakes are in the Tour de France for those companies and organizations who sponsor teams. Does anyone know? Is the system (sponsors, management, doctors, big pharma, etc) corrupt to the point of demanding that athletes participate in deliberate schemes to cheat the system with doping, or do athletes take it upon themselves to dope up?

It's also curious how the USADA dope screening tests are apparently lacking, as a number of athletes have been after the fact for doping. Is the desperation to cheat the system so powerful that any test can be cheated?

Performance enhancing drugs are not unique to cycling. We've seen it revealed in other sports like baseball, football, and soccer. Perhaps the fault lies not with the athletes but with the system that is determined to win at all costs, which demands that athletes run faster, jump higher, and increase endurance beyond what is humanly impossible without pharmaceutical assistance.
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