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Re: Armstrong stripped of 7 TdF titles

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Why doesn't the USADA present their evidence to the public?
Because they don't have the right to do that. This is exactly the reason why Armstrong is being a whiny baby now and refuses to cooperate. Because he doesn't want the evidence to get public.

Why threaten with the loss of all titles (does that include the olympic bronze in 2000, the victory in the Tour de Suisse or the 2 in the Dauphiné or just the 7 TdF-victories)? What about those closed investigations in 2006?
Because the USADA alleges a doping conspiracy, not individual instances of doping. A conspiracy that went on from 1998 way up to 2009.

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Everyone should be treated the same, and it's my impression that that's not the case here. Why treat proven dopers such as Hamilton and Landis like crown witnesses? Is what Armstrong allegedly did so much worse? He was lucky and didn't get caught - and that makes it worse?
Hamilton and Landis lost everything.

And yes, Armstrong was worse, because he was the ringleader, the instigator, and the guardian of the omerta.
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