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Re: Armstrong stripped of 7 TdF titles

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Perhaps you shouldn't just take him by his fucking word and instead apply a minimal amount of critical thinking.
Perhaps you should get off your "let's crucify Armstrong" horse and take a critical look at the image these proceedings leave.

Why doesn't the USADA present their evidence to the public? Why threaten with the loss of all titles (does that include the olympic bronze in 2000, the victory in the Tour de Suisse or the 2 in the Dauphiné or just the 7 TdF-victories)? What about those closed investigations in 2006?

It's not about the fact that he might be guilty (wouldn't surprise me in this sport, actually I'd rather be surprised if anyone on the top level weren't doped up to his gills) - it's the manner of these USADA investigations that bothers me. And that's where my critical thinking comes in.
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