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Re: First Season Theme Music Change

Spock is visibly perturbed in Kirk's quarters in Enemy Within, reporting McCoy's report of brandy-swilling id-kirk.

On topic: hey, the Cage theme arrangement is much fuller, with vocals, and bongos. So the more subdued, electric violin, aired version was a conscious choice by somebody to rein things in for the series. At first, anyway.

Mem-Alpha says the electric fiddle version was for only the first five eps on NBC. On the clamshell DVDs (my "precious") the new arrangement starts on prod. 14. My guess why they changed it then for the dvd set? Half-way through the season. I don't actually care. That second S1 arrangement, btw, has the downbeat near the end, but much less blatty.

Sure glad they went back to THE theme after the ominous second pilot theme.

Immersing myself this morning in season 1 - part of the creepy vibe is due to ACourage writing a number of the scores before the falling out. He did creepy/ethereal well.

Somebody save me some time: once the vocals are added for S2, do they change the recording in S3?
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