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Re: Connie Nielsen: Babe of the week #34 (Aug. 2012)

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I wonder how many languages the people commenting in this thread actually know!
8 actually.
I could say 7 but then I would have to include Piedmontese, Sicilian and Emilian.

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But as mentioned, she's an attractive woman who brought class and sexiness to the Mars mission.

I also liked her in Gladiator and One Hour Photo.

I see from last week's thread that some of you really don't like Gladiator. Why the hate? Just curious. I last saw it when it first came out and remember it being pretty good.
On the same topic, Mission to Mars is the fucking. Worst. Movie. Ever.

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I never really tried actually having a conversation in Latin or Old Greek.
Bene, quomodo agis?
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