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Re: high resolution - future standards

the International Telecommunication Union has finally approved the proposal.
The announcement makes no mention of the smaller 4K resolution included in the draft recommendation, instead highlighting 7680 x 4320 8K as the thrust of the standard along with a boost to 120fps and a wider color gamut.
NHK's 8K Ultra High Definition TV standard approved by ITU
via NHK (PDF)

Even though the next major successor to current HDTV technology will be the 4K standard, which is currently being used in many digital theaters, an even higher quality standard has just been approved: Ultra High Definition TV.

Looks like probably closer to 2015 it will start moving to 4k acquisition for most TV production.
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So while the next Trek series would most likely be produced in 4k due to the cost of 8K it looks like 8K is where things are headed after 2025.
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