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Re: First Season Theme Music Change

Going to the clamshells now. I love the words "stolid" v. "relaxed" up above. Early S1 was tense-er, wasn't it. Though they had more pauses and quiet moments then too. Ok, going to listen.

In 1966/7, would the theme have been changed in production order or airdate order? I don't know how credits are attached to the main work, in tv production.

Edit: Boy, Man Trap sure starts subdued: TZesque music with electric violin. Kirk's voice-over is quiet too. Love it. What a great show.

Theme: electric violin with trombone blat on downbeat (my kids and I love that, esp. W two of us as trombonists). But there's a created-by credit for GR and no "starring" word on Shatner' credit.

WNMHGB: same theme, NO voice-over, no created-by, Shatner is "starring" now.

Edit: rarely do I look at airdate order. Man, was this a creepy show its first couple months! Salt Vampire, Ruk underground, the creepy kids trope, the bifurcated Kirk, inner demons,Mitchell being corrupted.... No planet-of-the-week feel, for sure.
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