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Re: What if Voyager didn't have its aeroshuttle?

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In the case of the Captain's Yacht on the Enteprise D, there never was a need to explain why it wasn't seen. With the aeroshuttle they kind of do need to explain why they spent an entire episode decoted to building their own scout ship, and even went to the trouble of building another one when it was destroyed when a perfectly good scout ship should have been sitting lodged in the hull. So, "it wasn't there" is as good as anything.
Ah, but if they left home without it, then why didn't they build a new aeroshuttle, rather than build a delta flyer? Free up space & resources in the solo shuttlebay. Not that space was ever an issue in there.
Good point. Really, the aeroshuttle is one of Voyager's missed opportunities.

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Not unless we have some reason to think that this aeroshuttle would have been a "scout ship" comparable to the eventual Delta Flyer. Since we canonically know nothing of the craft, we can't tell if it would have been slower or faster than a shuttle; more or less heavily armed; more or less capable of carrying cargo or personnel...
The aeroshuttle's design is basically a modified runabout. It presumably has all the capabilities of a runabout, which were comparable to the Delta Flyer's.
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