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Re: Federation: 8,000 ly across?

The need to choose is ill established, though, as we don't know whether any other culture besides that of Earth would use the terminology. And a Klingon saying "Alpha Quadrant" doesn't quite suffice, because they could either be using Earth terminology when speaking with Earthlings - or then not using it, but their local terminology would get translated just as surely as kellicams get translated to kilometers or d'akturak to iceman.

My remarks pertained to the distinction between Occident and Orient, not to the parceling of Europe following World War II.
Oh - in that case, they were in error, then.

That is, the division to occident and orient has little or nothing to do with why "Europe is thought of as being in the West" when "a lot of it is in the Eastern Hemisphere". Much of that which is in the East is in occident, after all; as long as there has been "Europe" and "West", the latter has extended far to the east of the Greewich or even Paris or Antwerp zero meridians - and never mind the zero meridian of the Azores, the most relevant in the division of the world at the time the world was first becoming known.

Of course, the border moves all the time. Before the Revolution, few in Russia would have had an interest in considering their realm that of the East...

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