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Re: Armstrong stripped of 7 TdF titles

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But apparently, that's not even necessary to already shout out and execute the verdict.
What do you think happens if you're charged with a crime and stand up in court to say: "Only God can judge me, you have no jurisdiction!"?

You get fucking convicted, that's what happens.

The suggestion you could evade punishment by refusing to participate your own trial is ridiculous on the face and Armstrong's actions are those of a guilty man.

I think such proceedings damage sports just as much, if not more, as doping itself does. I don't condone doping, it's dangerous and I would never let my kid become a pro in such an envirounment, but I don't think doping itself is going to become extinct because of procedures like that. The expectations of the public have to change for that to happen.
What bullshit. Finally, finally, anti-doping agencies seem to have somewhat gained the upper hand in cycling. Doping isn't gone, but the Wild West days of anything goes and the UCI actively protecting athletes that pay them off are over. Thank the gods!

What damages the sport is decades of reckless, limitless doping and the conspiracies to cover it all up. Armstrong is the greates fraud in the history of professional sports, a donkey that got injected into a race horse. An arrogant bully who openly punished other riders who disagreed with the dope, but was confident his lackeys in the UCI would always "lose" his positives. He makes me sick. And I hope all the evidence gets public somehow, despite Armstrong's attempt to hide it. Maybe in Bruyneel's arbitration hearing everything gets out.
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