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Re: Federation: 8,000 ly across?

My remarks pertained to the distinction between Occident and Orient, not to the parceling of Europe following World War II.

The distinction between Occident and Orient persists in Western culture (cf the use of "Western culture" right here in this sentence), even though the terms "Occident" and "Orient" themselves have fallen out of use.

ETA: Additionally, just because I said that comparing the Federation as something straddling two quadrants with Europe as something straddling two hemispheres doesn't make sense unless the Alpha Quadrant was redrawn, that doesn't mean that I think the Alpha Quadrant was redrawn, as the alternative is that it's not really the same at all (which would include the possibility that no meaningful part of at least the original Federation lay in the Beta Quadrant).

However, I suppose that Christopher could have simply meant that the straddling alone is similar, while the respective causes for it are not analogous.
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