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Re: 2012 Rugby Championship thread

How marvellous to see the human turnstile back for a crunch game. His legion of fans in the media over here are in raptures; no doubt when he falls on his face yet again they'll go on about how it's anyone's fault but his.

Having said that, though... The one rugby writer in this country in possession of an actual brain and actual rugby knowledge has come up with yet another excellent article, which manages to hit several nails on the head with pinpoint accuracy. It doesn't make for pleasant reading for the discerning Wallaby fan, but it's spot-on IMO.

Hilariously, the waste of oxygen known as Alan Jones has apparently claimed Robbie Deans is "out of his depth" as an international rugby coach. This from someone who basically drove Mark Ella into retirement and reckoned Brian Smith was a better halfback than Nick Farr-Jones. I'm not convinced about Deans but that old saying about pots and kettles has never been more applicable.
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