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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

Episode One: Broken Bow

Well, the introductory music was not nearly as irritating as I remember it being. It actually pairs nicely with the seriesí scenes it follows during the opening credits. Iíll start off with my first impressions of the characters:

Archer: I liked the scenes with him as a boy and the shuttle footage with Trip. I got my first feel for the character when heís upset about the Vulcans killing a Klingon warrior by terminating his life support on the Klingon governmentís orders. My initial impression wasnít a good one. I think the ambassador was correct when he said not to push human values off on Klingons (even though Archerís solution was the right one), and I also didnít like the way Archer seemed to want to run the show and not hear anyone else out at first. TíPol says not to be volatile, and he responds by saying that heís restraining himself from knocking her on her ass. Not good. Then he seemed kind of smug when he got a rise out of the ambassador. I liked him a little more as the episode went on, and thatís a plus.

TíPol: I havenít made up my mind yet. I donít think Iíve seen enough. She seems a little moody, though, but that could be because she didnít want to be there in the first place. I suspect it has something to do with the superiority complex she seems to have from the Vulcans inhabiting/leading Earth for 90 years (?).

Trip: So far, so good. He seems kind and laid back. Thatís nice.

Hoshi: Right now, Iím indifferent. I do like the fact that she seemed able to sense the ship being boarded when no one else did.

The Alien Doctor: I donít know his name yet, but heís a little annoying. Maybe itís his enthusiasm or something; I canít quite put my finger on it.

Other crew: So far, so good.

Now, Iíll move on to my first impressions of the series:

Well, the first thing that seemed kind of odd was the look of the Klingon that Archer argues to save. He looks like the Klingons in the TNG/DS9 era, and not like the early version that was featured in the TOS era. That was interestingÖ The invader aliens seemed interesting. I think it was bad that no one immediately went to the patient to guard him and thatís how he got taken with no struggle. I know they were in the room and it was dark, but stillÖ

It didnít make sense to me why TíPol told them about Rigel (sp?) 10 just because the Klingon said the word Rigel when he was talking gibberish. If she wanted them to go back the Earth like she said, giving them information so they could get there didnít make any sense unless she changed her mind. Even still, she said she wasnít authorized to give that information, but she gave it anyway. Then Archer threatens her for doing that. I donít know. It just all seemed a little interesting.

The episode ends well enough for me to want to see the next episode to find out how things conclude. I like the part where TíPol tells Trip to learn when to interfere because the little boyís mother was actually helping him. It seems that she has taken an interest in helping them after all.

Grade: C
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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