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My Trek Through Enterprise


Iíve decided to watch season one of Enterprise to see if I feel any different toward this show than I did before, which was rather indifferent. Iíve only ever watched a few episodes, and that was so long ago, I canít remember any of them.

So, why am I only mentioning season one in the thread title? Well, I tried watching TNG season one late last year/early this year, and I only got through about half of the episodes before I stopped. It just wasnít clicking for me like it had when I watched it as a kid. That could be because what Iíd seen of that show was in its latter seasons when it was better, or at least thatís what I heard. I may try watching season seven to see how it ends later on this yearÖ

Having had my season one experience with TNG, which was far more popular than Enterprise, Iíve decided not to commit myself to more than I can do. So Iím going to watch season one, and if by chance I like it, Iíll start a thread for season two.

Iíll post my thoughts on each episode and maybe rate them using letter grades. I hope anyone interested will join in with their thoughts too.

So, without further ado, onward to episode one!
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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