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Re: What do want to see from a new series

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How about a Deltan?
Cool. I'd love to see the Deltans back. It would be interesting to see how that gave a Deltan CO a romance, what with the Oath in place.

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How about a Cardassian, or a Changeling?
Skip forward twenty or thirty years and a Cardassian Captain wouldn't be too far-fetched (after all they've had a Klingon and Ferengi officer). The Changelling would be doubtful, seeing their point of view on the Solids, which I doubt wouldn't change anytime soon.

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How about a Cyborg? (Doesn't have to be a Borg)
It can't be another Borg. The Borg are an overused and now dreadfully dull species. Another species who utilise cybernetic devices would be interesting, having to face Borgophobia from other crewmembers. Also you could have a normal human officer who was horrendously injured during the war and is now more machine than (wo)man.

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How about a Gorn?
If they could find a way to do a better costumed Gorn, I wouldn't mind seeing one on the crew, though maybe not Captain. They will pretty much always be the lead, so should be acceptable to a TV audience. A seven foot, hissing lizard might scare off potential new viewers.
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