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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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I agree. As someone who finds Romulans fascinating, I think they're portrayed extremely well in The Next Generation, given what we learned about them from their portrayal in The Original Series. They are distrustful of outsiders, and are extremely proud of their heritage, traits that they display throughout their appearances across multiple television series.

Yet, none of these traits are displayed in Nemesis, at least not in a way that makes sense. Are all Romulans alike? No, but it's reasonable to expect them to behave with certain parameters, just as it's reasonable expect any one of us to behave a certain way as human beings. The Romulans of Nemesis are decidedly not distrustful, and in fact put their trust in the wrong person when they support Shinzon's assassination of the Imperial Senate. Why?

Donatra eventually realizes her mistake and aids the Enterprise crew in their attempts to stop Shinzon. Her comments to Picard about Shinzon's coup being "an internal matter of the Empire," may be interpreted as Romulan pride, but they could just as easily be construed as a simple apology for the misfortune that's befallen the Enterprise. Her overtures to Picard near the film's conclusion are also out of character for the Romulan people.

"You've made a friend in the Romulan Empire today, Captain, hopefully the first of many."

Again, why?
Granted, the Romulan Commander seen in "The Chase" expressed his hope that Romulus and Earth would eventually stand together in peace, but he was willing to only go so far in voicing these feelings aloud. Donatra's comments seem over the top by comparison. It's possible that her views are a reflection of a younger generation of Romulan citizens- a group influenced in part by Ambassador Spock's Unification movement- but surely an Empire that works so diligently to avoid dissent of any kind would avoid placing such an individual in a position- ship's captain, no less- where she could influence others and create ripples of disloyalty.

That's one of the other problems - Donatra was backing a guy who was supposed to take the (weakened post-Dominion War) Romulan Empire to war with the Feds, then she makes a complete 180 and even cozies up to Picard...gimmie an effing break. It's just silly. The very reason the pro-Nemesis camp claims Romulans backed Shinzon is because they wanted war with the Feds. Donatra was one of them. But then she's like:

"Hey Picard, about this clone of you who I backed and made Preator because he was gonna take out you and the Feds? I've now changed my mind about him, and BTW, let's be friends, m'kay?"

Yeah, no.

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