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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

The Castellan wrote: View Post's odd folks praise all the JJ Trek stuff, including the Romulans, which felt nothing like Romulans I am familiar with, but rip the Nemesis ones.
AllStarEntprise wrote: View Post
Yes different writers = different interpretations. Just like the Romulans of Star Trek XI possess none of the traits they do in past series' or movies. They are generic bad guy villains but you don't criticize them for being inaccurate to canon for their characterization.
Let's see, a race of people who are known to exact hard-core vengeance upon anyone whom they feel betrayed them just lost their entire effing planet, and the particular group whom we're focusing on blame Spock for not helping them in time.

Romulans are vengeful....check
Their homeworld is destroyed...check
The guy who was supposedly going to help prevent this failed...check
Nero (and his group of Romulans) feels betrayed and wants vengeance on the person they are displacing on, thus plan to equalize the loss in accordance with their view of exacting revenge...


Putting all that aside, NuTrek is a popcorn flick/reboot that's not trying to be 100% in line with what came before. The same excuse cannot be said of Nemesis.

NEM i give a pass on this because the film isn't about them nor are there that many of them. It's more about John Logan's creative brainchildren the Remans.
Both of which were part of the problem. FYI - That "new" Romulan symbol must have been bad marketing on the part of the studio then, right? I mean, if it's what you say and the movie wasn't about the Romulans, then using their symbol as part of the marketing ploy was essentially false advertizing.
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