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I just finished Changes, by Jim Butcher - it's the second-last Dresden Files book to date. (I just picked up the most recent, Ghost Story, last weekend.) I'm currently reading Building Harlequin's Moon, by Larry Niven and Brenda Cooper.

I have been wondering how those books are. I have not read them but watched a few of the episodes. I take it the books are better than the show?
I read the first on recommendation from a friend. It was fairly entertaining, and she is a huge fan (her sentiment is that the show is absolutely horrible, I've never seen it myself). When I read it I laughed hysterically through the climax, however, because it could easily be read as a lot of euphemisms for sex -- things like feeling all the tension in his muscles build until they shook, and it was finally released through his staff, but like, three pages of more and more ridiculous double entendre -- and apparently I can be about as mature as a twelve year old boy when I come across this kind of thing. I actually had tears I was laughing so hard. I started the second book but couldn't really get into it.
I enjoy them. They delve a lot more deeply into Harry's psyche, of course.

There were also a number of changes made for the TV show. In the books, Bob is a spirit - he has no body. That's not to disrespect Terrence Mann's performance - I thought he was wonderful - but Bob is different, as is Murphy, and there are a lot of other supporting characters whom we never saw on the show, and a very well-drawn history of the characters and the world they inhabit.
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