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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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Dont patronize me. I watched the entire run of DS9 when it originally aired and own the series on DVD. In the Pale Moonlight is one writers interpretation of the Romulans, Nemesis is another writers interpretation.

You may like one more than the other, but both are valid.
Yes different writers = different interpretations. Just like the Romulans of Star Trek XI possess none of the traits they do in past series' or movies. They are generic bad guy villains but you don't criticize them for being inaccurate to canon for their characterization.

NEM i give a pass on this because the film isn't about them nor are there that many of them. It's more about John Logan's creative brainchildren the Remans.
Yea, it's odd folks praise all the JJ Trek stuff, including the Romulans, which felt nothing like Romulans I am familiar with, but rip the Nemesis ones.
For what it's worth, I don't like nuTrek's portrayal the of the Romulans at all, but I do understand why some may be willing to overlook their flaws more than they are with the Romulans portrayed in Nemesis.

nuTrek is an entirely different interpretation and presentation of Star Trek. It's nothing like Roddenberry's Trek. It's not even comparable to Berman's Trek. Therefore, the various characters and alien races featured in nuTrek are subject to their creator's unique interpretation. People aren't bothered by nuRomulans because they're nuRomulans. As long as their portrayal in nuTrek remains consistent, there won't be much of a fuss about them.
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