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Re: No News, No Nothing!!

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Actually, Spock/Uhura Fan, I wasn't replying directly to you. . . if you read my post correctly, it is a reply to The Wormhole, who had quoted you in his post and had replied: "Yeah, that's basically what gets to me. We constantly have Abrams and his cohorts in interviews going on "this movie is so awesome and epic and game changing and mind blowing and amazing. But we're not telling you anymore." Why bother to tell us even that much if yo're not going to deliver anything more concrete?"
Okay, so you replied to him agreeing with me. I'd say that's about the same thing as replying, at least in part, to me too.

And also, I used the word "whinging," not "whining". . .there is a difference (and yes, whinge is a real word). . .

Maybe it's changed, but the last time I checked, the synonym for "whinge" was "whine."

I'm ready to move on now.
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