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Re: Perfect example of what they SHOULD have done with the TNG-R FX

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ITT old people moan about CGI....and how it was better in the olden days when models were used...

I think the YT clip is getting unnecessary scorn.
Chris, the poster (who also posts here you know, so be nice) is just a fan who makes stuff like this in his spare time, he's not a visual artist who is paid to make that stuff full time.
And since he's just using his computer not some special computer design one like CGI guys would use, I don't think he does a bad job at all, look through the rest of the videos to see some of the great work he comes up with, certainly a million times better than anything anyone here could come up with and a lot better than the grainy, blurry, static model shots you'd get pre-HD

CGI is such an easy target on here when in fact its as varied as model work.
The model work grace will only last until mid-season 3 is released because as soon as the episodes with the higher detail (and superior, imo ) 4 foot model come out people will go right ahead and begin bitching about that too.

It isn't CGI bad, model good, it's good Special Effects of both types vs bad special effects of both types.

And yes, I am a little disappointed they didn't do a proper job on TNG HD.
As good as the model shots will look, there's still only about 10 of them spread across the entire 7 years and I'm just sick of seeing the Enterprise fly past the camera in the same 2 ways each week.
CGI is just a more cost effective way to make sure the series doesn't have to solely rely on stock shots, or have space battles where the ships just sit still and fire their weapons, or have interesting alien ships instead of the same kitbash of the cargo ship with a water pistol stuck on it this week, or a cheaper way of getting a few new starfleet designs, etc etc

But I guess I'll just have to settle for the limited amount of "new stuff" with the remastering, like the explosion of the Oberth class, which was pretty cool (and already people are decrying as too OTT...can't win with some people)

It's the little things that keep me going...
Perhaps, maybe I mis-interpreted the intent of the OP but it seemed to imply the video was made as a "suggested replacement" for the effects in the original show.

Which the effects aren't good enough to be put in as replacement for the effects in the series. Given the limitations the animator apparently had with equipment, time, skill sure it's "good" but it's not better than the model effects used in the series.

Even the CGI effects used to recreate the Pegasus scenes in ENT weren't that good IMHO. (Neverminding the "mistakes" in it.) Because it too looked like CGI.

I can't help but have a special spot in my heart for the effects in TNG. It would be nice if some effects shots and such were replaced with CGI. I'd like to see the ship being presented consistently (getting rid of the horrendous 4-foot model's use.)

But it's not likely going to happen so, meh. What we've seen looks good so far and I think it is way to early to see what they're going to do down the road once we get into the more middled seasons where effects were more in use and where the old stuff won't hold-up or can be replaced with something better.
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