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Re: No News, No Nothing!!

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^ I wouldn't let it get to you. I don't care whether they post spoilers or not. I'm happy with the set pics we already got, but I do agree about one thing, kind of. If they don't want to release any details about the villain, like the name, then they should stop parading Cumberbatch out to talk about his mysterious character and the movie, and they should stop making references to how well he did playing the role. It's kind of like saying "Hey, I have a secret. A really great secret. It's going to blow your mind when you find out. It's sooo good, but you have to wait a year to find out what it is." To me, that's not too cool, but it's easy to ignore it I guess. *Shrugs*
Yeah, that's basically what gets to me. We constantly have Abrams and his cohorts in interviews going on "this movie is so awesome and epic and game changing and mind blowing and amazing. But we're not telling you anymore." Why bother to tell us even that much if yo're not going to deliver anything more concrete?

Oh well, soon enough there'll be a massive deluge of photos, clips and info, and then we're going to hear poeple bitching about "Now we know too much." The fun of the internet.
So, what I'm reading here is that basically when they go on interviews about the other projects that they are involved with, and are asked about Star Trek, you guys want them to say "No comment." Because, you know. . .JJ Abrams is not parading anyone out to talk about any facet of Star Trek that I know of. . .

Star Trek is obviously one of the most anticipated films for next year: reporters keep asking the stars, writers, producers and director about it in the hopes of scooping each other with some fresh tidbit, even if it is something as silly as the fact that Cumberbatch's character is wearing leather for most of movie . . .
Hello FarStrider,

That may be what you are "getting," but that's not what I'm saying. Did you not notice that I said I was happy to begin with and that I enjoyed the "leaked" set pics that we got. I'm very appreciative of them.

Also, if you look at the previous page of this thread, you'll see that I linked to an interview with Cumberbatch where he answers a couple of Star Trek related questions, and I had and have no complaints. I don't mind them answering direct questions, but when they all start chiming the same thing at the exact same time and none of it adds anything to what we know about the film, well that can get a little tiring. Oh, you also might have missed where I said I guessed that was easy enough to ignore. I'm really not sure what you are complaining about in reference to the short discussion I had with Wormhole.

but really, the way summer blockbuster movie marketing generally works is that six months out from the premiere you will get the 1st trailer, then the first TV ad will be in the Superbowl. . .3 months out you will get the second trailer, and in the two months leading up to the premiere you'll get hit with almost nonstop television ads. So, you can expect the first trailer in November (and it won't be a teaser -- those are for franchises that have fizzled or are in need of a reboot in some way i.e. Superman).
And if they choose to stay quiet now so they can fall in line with how it "generally works" in a few months, that will be fine with me. You also might note that I said I didn't care whether we received spoilers right now or not...

Besides, the only people who are paying attention this early are uberfans who will go see the movie anyway. . . why would any respectable marketing team waste their advertising budget on us? They aren't. . . they are going to wait until holiday movie season, the Superbowl and then leading up to the Summer blockbuster season when general audiences pay attention to trailers for summer blockbuster type movies and get the most bang for their buck, and then they will use the summer blockbuster movies to advertise the Holiday movie fare.
I'll see the movie if Spock and Uhura stay together in it. If I hear that they don't from someone that watches the film when it comes out, I might rent it, but I certainly won't be going to see it in theaters. And once again, it doesn't bother me that they aren't marketing it now.

That's the way the world turns. . . whinging about it on message boards won't change it. . .

You would have a point if I actually "whined."



I just saw that "Hallelujah" youtube vid you have embedded on your site. I'm starting a watch of Enterprises first season (because I honestly can't remember what I did watch of that series), and that vid makes me look forward to what's coming.
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