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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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No, it's about giving him full rest before next season. They have no plans to play him in the playoffs. And he wouldn't be as effective in the playoffs anyway because, even in their off days, pitchers need to keep with their pitching routine.
Wow, I just looked it up you are right. Holy shit that is unbelievable. The franchise finally has a dominate team and they are going into the playoffs without their ace. They are going to have some pissed off fans. Making the post season is no given next year. Maybe they should listen to DeRosa after all.
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Yeah, I guess I just figured they were going to rest him awhile in September. It's going to be hard to justify not pitching him in the post season without a legitimate injury. Even Leo Mazzone thinks it's stupid and that ought to tell you something.
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