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Re: VOY Caption This 84; Feminine Wiles...

Chakotay: "Kathryn, I found a way to bring that monkey back with us from New Earth."

Sadly, no one remembered to bring sunglasses on this particular venture. Later reports indicate that two crew members were blinded in the incident. Sunglasses quickly became a staple for all away missions.

Doctor: "Good thing you brought her to me, Captain. That coffee nearly short-circuited her!"

Janeway: "I did warn her it was potent."

Doctor: "Tell me, Kes, why do you have the Chinese character for "soup" on your foot?

Kes: (incredulously) Neelix told me it was courage!

Doctor: *sigh* Either Mr. Neelix serioulsy misunderstood the database or he's desperate to advertise his latest version of leola root soup.
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