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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

Well Glenn Judd ordered a tough one this time. He wanted a Imperial Jem'hadar Warrior.
I decided to also come up with a quick back story with these guys as well.

Imperial Jem'hadar Warriors
In the Dark Mirror Universe
the Dominion has not been
defeated,(YET) but the
Empire has captured a few
Jem'hdar cloning facilities
and have incorporated
them into their
fighting force.

Due to their volatile nature
the Imperial Jem’hadar are
kept in special colonies and
only used in battle as a
last resort.

To stop them from firing
on their Imperial handlers
they have beenb hardwired
with a genetic loyalty to
the Empire.

If they should try and rebel
they have been genetically
imprinted command to
kill themselves.

Like their Dominion
brothers, they too are
addicted to Ketracel White.

Heaven help the Empire
should their failsafes fail.

Sean P. Tourangeau
Adobe Illustrator CS6
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