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Re: Thor 2 -Movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2013

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Well, to be fair, she isn't a hideous racial stereotype.
Neither is Jar Jar ( whose mannerisms were created by the black actor playing the part and were not dictated by Lucas ).
Excellent point. After all, it isn't as George Lucas, a notorious control freak and writer, director and executive producer of the film, had any say whatsoever in how his actors did their jobs.
I'm sure Ahmed just went along with the "racism" in the name of the almighty dollar. I mean, it's not like we ever saw a black guy do an annoying high-pitched voice before.

The fact remains that the character does not display characteristics of the race it is alleged to be a stereotype of. The Star Wars Tea Party is just like any other Tea Party, and equally full of shit.
Just walk away, and there will be an end to the horror.
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