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Re: TP: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Ivsxy808, I understand where you're coming from. While I loved both Plagues of Night and Raise the Dawn, I did feel a twinge of disappointment that so much was being covered over so relatively few novels. That it couldn't have formed the basis for another eight/nine book arc, like in the early relaunch days (greedy of me, yes?). Given that one of the strengths of the DS9 relaunch was its remarkable success at drawing multiple interconnecting plotlines out over multiple books - without becoming tiresome - and given that, as you note, the story arcs and characters in this duology are rich in potential for closer, more intricate can't help but disappoint a bit that we don't get the same exhaustive coverage here. Again, there was potentially room for six or seven novels using the basic framework in these ones, were they following the model of the early relaunch.

We were spoiled with that relaunch series.

I sort of agree, then, that if I'm looking to identify a "weakness" in this duology it's that its scope doesn't rest entirely comfortably with what became the familiar post-series approach to DS9. It covers a greater expanse of time and so features a less tightly focused coverage of characters' personal journeys. I think it can't help but feel like we should have had more; that there are holes of a sort in the story, accustomed as we are to a more comprehensive coverage. The DS9 relaunch was remarkable, really, and I think it can't help but colour our perceptions of these latest DS9-centred stories. I wasn't as troubled by the issue as I think you're saying you were (and of course you yourself stress that you quite liked the duology and what you're identifying here isn't necessarily a complaint), but I acknowledge the potential awkwardness of having our latest major fix of DS9 offer a very different "in-universe time covered" to "novel time spent on it" ratio.

I guess we can look upon RBoE, PoN and RTD as serving two major purposes regarding the DS9 story - the first is giving us a self-contained arc involving Sisko, and his knowledge that spending his life with Kasidy will bring nothing but sorrow, so closing the door on one of the remaining plot threads left over from the show (What You Leave Behind implies, or so I've always assumed, that being separated from his wife and new child is to be the sorrow, but the relaunch had him return after nine months - and very well done it was too, I must say - so it was sort of unresolved again). The second purpose is to complete the process of bringing DS9 the series "up to date" with the Novel Verse leading edge and firmly embedding it in the post-Destiny status quo, while setting up the potential for new stories. Which we have with the new station and its "third generation" crew. So it's both a self-contained story and a platform for new stories, which is certainly different from the "let's run with these multiple plots and arcs and tie them in and out of each other over multiple novels" approach to the early relaunch. I guess it's a bit jarring in some respects, so, as I say, I think I understand where you're coming from.
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