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Re: Why Did Gene drop Christopher Pike?

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What Solow reported in Inside Star Trek is that Hunter's wife simply came to a screening of the pilot to which Hunter had been invited and informed the producers that he had no interest in doing a second pilot. No demand for more money, just a straight-up refusal. And it wasn't clear from Solow's description whether she was the decision-maker there or simply the messenger. What are your other sources, and do they say otherwise?
I believe that these are the sources mentioned.


Yet strangely, other "insiders" insist that Hunter did not return for another reason. Leonard Nimoy says in his I Am Spock (1995): "Jeff Hunter was let go when his wife began to represent him and made what Gene (Roddenberry) considered excessive demands." (page 32) William Shatner amplifies this in his Star Trek Memories (1993) by saying that Hunter's wife "began to frequently storm into Gene's office, loudly making demands" about how Jeff was to be treated. Shatner continues, "Gene later told me that he'd much rather be dealing with Jeff and his agent, or even Jeff and a gorilla, than Jeff and his wife. He continued that there were so many tantrums, restrictions, and ultimatums being laid out on the table that he finally thought, 'Well, I can't possibly do an entire series like this. They'll drive me nuts.'" (page 70)
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