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Re: Study Sees Continued Decline in Overall Credibility of News Media

And I think that's the point coming across in the study. ALL of us, whether we're conservatives, liberal or firmly in the middle of the road, recognize that news, by and large, is not in the news business any more.. They are in the business business... I LOVED my time in public radio as I had the freedom to do just about anything I wanted with our newscasts with long, in depth human interest stories mixed into the "rip and read" stuff off the wire. I wasn't beholden to corporate sponsors... It just sucked that I had to deliver pizzas to make ends meet at the same time.

I eventually got out of the news entirely in 2000 because I was having to assign reporters and photogs to cover "news" stories tied into sponsors...

My intent here, by the way, is not to create an automatic gainsaying of "Fox sucks vs. MSNBC sucks."... I just found it interesting that all of us, across the board have less and less faith in our time honored news media outlets.
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