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Re: TP: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I think it's partly a matter of expectations. I was hoping for/expecting/desiring a resolution to Sisko's arc at the end of RBoE, a follow-up to the Bashir cliff-hanger at the end of ZSG, and a general idea of what the hell my favorite characters from DS9 were up to these days. And these books basically gave me that. It wasn't so important to me that I get new episodes of DS9 in novel form. I don't really expect that from my TrekLit nowadays, actually. Wouldn't mind seeing it, but I don't expect it. And I would have been disappointed, actually, had that been the case here. DS9 was coming back from the dead, novel series wise. I wanted a BOOM (though not that kind of boom necessarily) and I got one.

Also, just throwing this out there: RBoE was depressing as hell. It set up a great storyline, but when these novels are so few and far between, and not even a sure thing sometimes (*cough* Rise Like Lions *cough*), I was a little unhappy with Sisko being in such a bad place narratively for so much real-world time. And stretching this arc out over several novels would not have been good in that respect. (And the TrekBBS basically would've exploded too.)

For what it's worth, I agree with many of your points, especially the ones about internal monologues. The narrative requirement that some things be told and not shown was one of the few major flaws with these books, imo. (One of the others was the Bashir storyline. As I said in my original review, Bashir talked about all the wheels-within-wheels plotting, but his whole storyline felt like wheels spinning to me. Also, no mention of Spock in RtD; I understand he was unnecessary, but DRGIII couldn't spare half a sentence to tie his story up?) But the drawbacks just weren't big enough to take away from the whole thing for me. Sorry to hear it didn't work as well for you though.
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