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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

59. The Bourne Legacy: A-
60. Once Upon A Time in the West: B-
61. Expendables 2: B+
62. Hangover 2: C
63. Moneyball: A-

I'm not even a passive follower of MLB but I like sports movies, even ones like in this case where it's more about the back office than drama on the field. Even though they built some of that in here due to circumstances that came about.
I find Brad Pitt to be a very above average actor and while I don't seek out his work I've seen him in enough to know he has range and imo he brought his 'A' game to this film. I would however classify myself as not a fan of Jonah Hill. That said, this may be the first time I found myself not being distracted while he was delivering his lines. Perhaps comedy just isn't really his calling for this profession?
Since the film is relatively new(2011) I'll spoiler my comment for the films ending.

Still, despite that I found the film to be quite enjoyable.
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