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Re: Buffy & Angel comics

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What about Spike: Asylum and Spike: Shadow Puppets? I've seen these titles mentioned in places.
When those stories take place was left purposefully vague when they were written as they were just to be fun stories. As it stands they have to really happen during Angel Season 5, Asylum around the mid point, and Shadow Puppets near the end of the season. They feature characters who appear in After The Fall, and later the Spike series, so yeah if you can read them first that'd be a good starter.
(These were the comics that made Whedon give Brian Lynch the job of writing Angel: ATF btw)

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I know that there is a larger hardcover collection out there called "The End" which features Immortality for Dummies, The Crown Prince Syndrome, and The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart. Would you say it's necessary to read any of the previous comics to understand what's going on? I have read After the Fall, and I definitely want to continue with these stories, but I'm sure if I should bother with the stuff in between.
Do you mean inbetween After The Fall and IFD?

Not really I guess. Aftermath is just awful, in terms of art, dialogue, plot etc. It seemed the writer and artist had never seen an episode of Angel ever. All you need to know from that arc is that Kate Lockley comes back to LA and semi-joins Team Angel, as do Dez, who can morph into a big cat, and James, a former angel.

Last Angel in Hell has an ok story about Gunn post ATF, the other tales in it are fairly superfluous.

Only Human
is just about Gunn and Illyria going on a road trip post ATF to deal with their issues, again its pretty pointless and doesn't reveal anything really.

And the Lorne story is just a little tale of him going off to some other dimension to save the world, and that he's trapped there IIRC, but that maybe he could get back possibly. It's mainly because the writers weren't too keen on keeping on using the character after Andy had passed on.

Spike: The Devil You Know
is also a waste of time. It's just a team up story of him with Eddie Hope, the characer created for the back up stories of the IFD and CPS arcs. I think the plan orginally was to introduce him slowly that way and then have him come over to the main Angel stores, but once IDW knew they were losing the rights to Dark Horse, he was abandoned and his tale quickly wrapped up.

Illyria: Haunted is great for the first two issues with her and Spike, the last two issues you can read through in about 4 minutes. They also feature her going through a change, slightly in her looks and also in her powers. Seen as she hasn't been seen yet in Angel & Faith it's unknown yet whether these will incorporated or not. If I were a betting man though I'd wager not.

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