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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Kegg wrote: View Post
I think Temis is at least partly referencing how upset fans of the original Battlestar were about the new show being very different tonally and so on (hence them using the term 'Galactica In Name Only'). I think we could see a repeat of that with Blake's 7.
Yes. Doesnt everyone know about the Stardoe, GINO, etc hysteria that accompanied Ron Moore's remake from the very first? His version of BSG was vastly more of a departure from the original than Abrams' Trek.

Moore didn't make any attempt to recreate the colorful-adventure tone of the original. Instead, he went as far from that tone as I could imagine. And he changed many details but the tonal change was the big thing.

I think it was fully justified, but I understood why fans of the original were outraged. By contrast, Abrams stuck to the tone and spirit of Trek, and only changed what he had to, in order to create a funancially viable big budget Hollywood movie.

Abrams wanted to further the existing vision of Trek, but Moore superimposed his own vision on BSG. My hunch is that B7 will be more of a BSG situation because the show's name and fanbase is probably similar to where Moore found BSG - nobody is going to be highly motivated to stay true to the original.

CorporalCaptain wrote: View Post
No Temis, what I mean is that being "faithful", whatever that means, isn't a condition of being a remake in the first place, as far as I'm concerned.
You mean, remakes dont need to be faithful? I agree. I think both Moore and Abrams were right be faithful and unfaithful respectively. I dont care about faithfulness, I care that the results are good.

But the True Believers don't think like me, and there are always True Believers, apparently for everything. They've been slamming Moore, they've been slamming Abrams, and they'll slam this new version if B7, I'd bet money on it.
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