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Re: Perfect example of what they SHOULD have done with the TNG-R FX

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Indeed, and you can fit two pages on one screen, which I find really useful when writing documents. And they are brilliant for spreadsheets.
Maybe that could work if I'd gotten a bigger monitor -- assuming it had sufficient resolution that I could reduce the pixel size commensurately. But I kind of underestimated the monitor size I needed, plus I went for the smallest, least expensive one.

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I frankly preferred it that way. Realistic or no, it really conveyed the huge, epic scale of these ships to see them moving around a lot like giant ocean liners in space.
Well, maybe if I saw it in HD that would work, but I never got that impression watching them before.

It didn't look that horribly cropped to me. And in any case, that's the style most TV shows use today anyway-- to really push in more on the characters and action.
But they're composed that way from the start. This wasn't. And removing parts of the original image never makes sense, regardless of whether you're cropping widescreen to fullscreen or vice-versa. They're both equally destructive to the original image and its composition.
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