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Re: UT:TFV - Part II - Scorched Earths

DarKush wrote: View Post
WTF! Admittedly I leap frogged a bit, but wow, it seems like you've upended your series in a major way. Ramirez alive? Sandhurst sleeping with the enemy? A Klingon massacre? Seeing the response to that should be fun.
Oh yes, the nearer reaches of the Delta Quadrant are proving to be quite interesting indeed... and, of course, more than a little dangerous.

TrekkieMonster wrote: View Post
Very nice scene, extremely well written. Classic Pava, at his smoothest; and really helped solidify T'Ser's state of mind at the moment. I especially liked your very simple but impactful tie-in to her history on the Bluefin. For those of us familiar with (or addicted to) that series, it was especially evocative.
Thank you, sir! I was hoping to get the tone right for that scene.

CeJay wrote: View Post
Pava has a way to cut right through to people, doesn't he? Both physically but also emotionally. What a bastard he is. And yet so damn good at what he does.
He is at that, CeJay! Hopefully, this time his intentions are good ones... but then, even if they are, Pava's already paved significant stretches of the Road to Hell.

TrekkieMonster wrote: View Post
Very interesting. Not surprising to see the poison fruit born of The Baron's and Captain Ramirez's little ambush on the Voranti, of course. Nor is DuaNam's reluctance to voluntarily call on the Amon surprising, given their history.

But, Pell's last comment is more than a little surprising, given Pava's recently expressed misgivings. Also, I'll be very interested to see what Mr. Ashok might just be capable of when given the proper "motivation" (though I did enjoy T'Ser's quite apt description of him.)

Intriguing and entertaining, as always.
Thanks again, TrekkieMonster. And yes, current events are straining friendships and loyalties all around, and there don't appear to be any easy answers for anyone involved.

As always, I greatly appreciate the comments and feedback, folks!
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