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Re: Buffy & Angel comics

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If you wanted to go out and read everything post TV, I'd say this is the best order

Angel: After The Fall v.1
Angel: After The Fall v.2- First Night
Spike: After The Fall
Angel: After The Fall v.3
Angel: After The Fall v.4
Angel: Aftermath
Angel: Last Angel in Hell
Angel: Only Human
Angel: Lorne- Music of the Spheres

Angel: Immortality For Dummies
Spike: The Devil You Know
Angel: The Crown Prince Syndrome
Illyria: Haunted
Angel: The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart

But the ones highlighted aren't that necessary
I know that there is a larger hardcover collection out there called "The End" which features Immortality for Dummies, The Crown Prince Syndrome, and The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart. Would you say it's necessary to read any of the previous comics to understand what's going on? I have read After the Fall, and I definitely want to continue with these stories, but I'm sure if I should bother with the stuff in between.
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