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Re: Buffy & Angel comics

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Well I'll give it a go, "officially" you'd have Dark Horse's Buffy Season 8, IDW's Angel: After The Fall (along with Spike: ATF,) and the 8 part IDW Spike solo series

For the best reading order I'd say read the Fray TPB first if you haven't already.
Then Angel: After The Fall, this is split into 4 TPB's and Spike:ATF making 5 all together (there is a big collection of all 4 A:ATF's you can get too)

Angel: After Fall v1 first, then v2, then Spike:ATF, then Angel v3 and v4

Edit: Btw, does anyone else have to stop themselves writing TPTB when discussing Buffyverse TPB?

*Then* you can keep reading the following IDW stories if you want, some are good fun, some not so much. They're not really 100% canon, Dark Horse is treating them like "maybe they happened, maybe not, either way we're not really gonna be mentioned too much from then anyway."
The one arc immediately following ATF, Aftermath, is awful! So much so the writers of the following arcs ignored most of it and retconned the rest.

Vol.6 'Last Angel in Hell' isn't bad, there's a nice ATF epilogue story in it, a Drusilla 2 parter, and a fun Angel & Spike at Comic-con tale. Then there's three more Angel books- Immortality For Dummies, The Crown Prince Syndrome, and The Wolf, The Ram and the Heart.
And there's a also an Illyria miniseries too.

Oh yeah and there's a little Lorne one shot too, which basically just has Lorne written out of the series because of Andy Hallett's death.

Then there's the Spike series, which is considered pretty much canon, simply called 'Spike.' This is available as either two Hardcover volumes, or they've recently released a full TPB collection of it.

Then after those start on the Buffy Season 8 stories (all the Angel & Spike stories take place before it.)
These are available as 8 TPB's. Though recently the big Library editions have started to be released, which sounds like what you've got. These are just a big hardcover with 2 TPB stories in each, so they'll be 4 by the end. Only one has come out so far so either you wanna wait till they all come out or just make a start of the remaining TPB's (vols 3-8)

The two Willow and Riley one shots are included in the TPB's so don't worry about those.
Thanks! That helps a lot. I actually did read Fray years ago. Perhaps I should look that up again.

I found the Spike Complete Series TPB yesterday. It was a good read and made me want more. So I ordered Spike: ATF. Should come in next week or so.

What about Spike: Asylum and Spike: Shadow Puppets? I've seen these titles mentioned in places.

I might read the 'unofficial' titles later as well, but since there's so much out there, I want to focus on the 'official' (canon, if you want) titles first.

What about the ATF epilogue story in "Last Angel in Hell"? What's the status of that?

As for the first library edition of BtVS season 8, it actually has an extra story in it that the TBP don't have (I think), and which was only (?) published online before. Do you know if the future library editions will have these extras as well, or will they contain the same material as the corresponding TPBs?
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