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Re: Perfect example of what they SHOULD have done with the TNG-R FX

^You're quite right about the strategy. Still, the problem with both the original and CG versions of the sequence is that space is mindbogglingly huge, and ships in a battle would probably be hundreds of thousands of kilometers apart and travelling at very high speeds, not sitting in naked-eye view of each other and crawling along at construction-vehicle speed. Of course, an accurate depiction of a space battle would be incomprehensible to the viewer because it would just be a few faint points of light whizzing by in the distance, if even that (since the ships would probably try to minimize their EM emissions for concealment, so you'd only see flashes of light when engines fired or explosions happened). Still, I have always found TNG space battles like this one, which seemed to be emulating the style of TWOK, to be implausibly sluggish and compact.
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