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Re: Star Trek: Republic (Book II: Ties of Blood)

Chapter Three (cont.)

Republic shuddered and the bridge lighting flickered as the disruptor bolts slammed into her portside shields, quickly followed by the hammer-blow impact of the torpedo.

“Port shields at 22%!” Grace called out from Operations. “Sectors 150-270 of the dorsal array are off-line!”

“Long-range sensors inoperative,” reported Amanda from the Science station.

“Roll ship, Miss Montoya—put them on our starboard side,” ordered Chan from the captain’s chair, with a grimace. The attacks were coming too fast, the crew were exhausted beyond all belief, and the constant stream of hostile Klingons had left the ship unable to effect all but the most basic of repairs. He glanced down at the repeater display of the damage control board, and he shook his head.

“They are coming about, Sir!” barked Pavel from Tactical, and Chan suddenly smiled as he recognized the maneuver.

“Miss Biddle! Prepare to lock the forward tractor on the lead ship—on my orders hold her in place! Mister Roshenko, hold fire to my command—then give me everything you have!”

“Aye, aye, sir,” both officers answered.

“Mister Malik,” Chan continued as the two Klingon bird of prey cruisers finished their turn and started a new attack run, “reinforce the forward shields.”

Bowen here, Sir,” a voice came over the speaker, “Commander Malik is in surgery—reinforcing forward shields; it’s a mess down here, Commander, but the engines are still on-line!

“Understood, Mister Bowen,” the Andorian answered. “Give me as much power as you can to the shields and forward tractor.”

The two cruisers on the screen parted course and then swept back into towards the Republic in an intricate maneuver that required perfect timing—and would cause their weapons to impact almost simultaneously on the same shield location.

“Now, Miss Biddle!” he barked.

The tractor beam caught the Klingon and Republic heaved as the hostile vessel slammed to a sudden halt, both ships spinning around their common center of mass despite the best efforts of the stabilizers—the bird of prey captured by the tractor sliding directly in front of her sister ship as the second vessel opened fire!

“Finish her, Mister Roshenko!” Chan ordered crisply, and a volley of four torpedoes streaked away from the Republic, even as a golden phaser beam burned into the tractored ship’s shields. It was too much for the old K’vort-class ship, the combination of Klingon disruptors and torpedoes on her belly and Federation weapons on her back—and she exploded as the second cruiser raced by over the back of Republic.

Pavel did not wait for an order, but golden beams lanced out from the stern arrays and the rear tube spat another torpedo and the Klingon ship staggered; that did not keep her commander from firing his rear torpedo and Republic shook violently again.

“Starboard shields down to 17%, forward tractor off-line,” Grace reported. “Emitters are burnt out, Commander.”

“Get us facing her, Miss Montoya,” Chan ordered. “Understood, Miss Biddle,” but then the emergency lighting dimmed and half of the bridge stations went dark. “Engineering, report!”

There was no answer.

“Engineering! Lieutenant Bowen!”

Grissom, Sir. Warp core is in emergency shut-down—we had a coolant breach. We have impulse and battery power only.

“Can you restore the mains, Mister Grissom?”

Working on that, Sir.”

“She’s coming back in!” reported Amanda from the science station.

“Divert all power to forward shields, Miss Biddle, get our nose to her, Miss Montoya!” Chan snapped, but he looked at the strength levels of the forward shields and he knew that this time the Klingon would slice straight through them.

At that moment, a new starship came out of warp and interposed itself between the Klingon and Republic, and Chan sat back in his chair and he let out a deep breath of relief, as Admiral Hansen’s Blackhawk—her shields intact—absorbed the fury of the Klingon attack. The bird of prey broke off the attack and started to run—but she couldn’t outrun the salvo of eight photon torpedoes launch by the Akira-class starship and her shields flared against the first explosions, and failed, and the detonations ate into her hull and she erupted in massive fireball, leaving only debris in her wake.

The main viewer flickered and Sig Hansen, tall and blonde and immaculate in his Starfleet uniform stood there on the bridge of his flagship. “Captain Dahlgren, I hope you do not mind if we cut in.”

Chan unfastened the safety straps and he stood. “Admiral Hansen, we do not mind at all. Captain Dahlgren is not . . . available at the moment, Sir.”

Hansen nodded. “Looks like we arrived in the nick of time, Commander Shrak—I would like a full briefing, however. What exactly did Republic do this time?”

“I can beam aboard as soon as our damage control teams get the situation under control, Admiral and provide with that full report then.”

“My engineering and medical teams are standing by to assist, Republic. Blackhawk out.”

The screen returned to its view of local space and Chan nodded. “Miss Biddle,” he said softly, “you have the conn. Send the ship to yellow alert and coordinate with Admiral Hansen’s engineers.” He opened the communicator again. “Engineering, inform the bridge when warp power has been restored.”

And then Chan left the bridge for transporter room 2.

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