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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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*In reference to Romulus Prime's post...

This above post shows Trek's biggest failing. People have been conditioned into thinking that an entire race of people are all going to act alike and think alike.
1st of all, I didn't say they ALL think alike (missed that part where I mentioned "dissidents?")

2nd, their society is always being watched by the government and the Tal Shiar. Conformity is essentially a mandate. Klingons aren't too different in regards to seeking out social conformity by force and words. Neither are the Cardassians.

Shinzon aligned himself with like-minded folks.
No, he didn't. Slaves want to be free of their captors. He also doesn't seem to particularly care for Romulans, and if this had been a well thought out story, they COULD have had him as more of a "freedom fighter" type, rather than a creepy, melting kid-Picard who's got a thing for cougars.

There were apparently folks in the military who were willing to align with him, at least one senator who aligned with him and
All of which makes Romulans look like idiots, which they were in this movie. They don't take stupid risks like that.

likely some members of the Tal-Shiar who aligned with him.
Supposition based on nothing substantial OR believable.

The United States at one point had alliances with both Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, who shared nothing more in common with us than being the enemies of our enemies.
We're not Romulans. They are (supposed) to be alien with a different way of of viewing the universe they live in.

With regards to your examples, neither of them were US slaves who were given fully loaded F-15s and F-16s (thank the French and Soviets for Saddam's Mirage, Étendard, and Mig fighters). Furthermore, the Afghan conflict was about Soviet expansion (again) and Iran's hardline government had only slightly less hostility as it does now. Both were dangers to world stability, and still are (Putin's Russia now.) If you don't believe me, just look up the latest Ahmadinejad quotes, and look how much Russia tries to stifle any interference with Iran, and with ally Syria which might end up with Al Assad being deposed. Different situations which are not even remotely similar to anything found in Star Trek: Nemesis

Star Trek: Nemesis doesn't fail because of Shinzon's rise to power, it fails because his actions make no sense for most of the movie that we actually see and that some elements were forced into it that really didn't fit.
It fails for all these reasons.

Hell, the Roman Empire had non-Romans rule it at times.
The Roman empire never had non-HUMAN rulers at any point.

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