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Re: Buffy & Angel comics

If you wanted to go out and read everything post TV, I'd say this is the best order

Angel: After The Fall v.1
Angel: After The Fall v.2- First Night
Spike: After The Fall
Angel: After The Fall v.3
Angel: After The Fall v.4
Angel: Aftermath
Angel: Last Angel in Hell
Angel: Only Human
Angel: Lorne- Music of the Spheres

Angel: Immortality For Dummies
Spike: The Devil You Know
Angel: The Crown Prince Syndrome
Illyria: Haunted
Angel: The Wolf, the Ram, and the Heart

Spike: The Complete Series
Buffy Season 8 vol.1: Long Way Home
Buffy Season 8 vol.2: No Future For You
Buffy Season 8 vol.3: Wolves at the Gate
Buffy Season 8 vol.4: Time of Your Life
Buffy Season 8 vol.5: Predators and Prey
Buffy Season 8 vol.6: Retreat
Buffy Season 8 vol.7: Twilight
Buffy Season 8 vol.8: Last Gleaming
Angel & Faith vol.1: Live Through This
Buffy Season 9 vol.1: Freefall
Angel & Faith vol.2: Daddy Issues
Buffy Season 9 vol.2: On Your Own

But the ones highlighted aren't that necessary
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