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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

126. Hopscotch (B)

Hopscotch: Walter Matthau stars in this pleasant little cold war-era spy comedy. Matthau plays an aging field man who gets put on a desk by an idiotic station chief (Ned Beatty), and decides to get even by personally humiliating his boss with a memoir sent to all the major spy agencies (and, eventually, a publisher) one chapter at a time. There are a couple of holes in the plot that come late in the game (In one, Matthau is detained by the police; his method of escape is clever, but after he steals a police car to get away the police are never seen again.) but it's never enough to grind the proceedings to a halt, which are kept in motion by a light and breezy tone. The best scene occurs about mid-way through, when Matthau tricks his pursuers into shooting up a cottage owned by Beatty's wife.

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