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Re: ST:TNG Blu-ray Episode Guide Inserts

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We don't like to overuse Stickies, otherwise you're scrolling through a bunch of them to get to anything new. Still, this is a great effort by a member that many people may want to take advantage of. I'll pin it until Season 2 comes out. If Maxwell Everett does as he plans, I'll drop this pin and stick the new one.
Okay, so you'd prefer I create a new Season Two Insert thread (when the time comes) rather than post the images in this thread? That's fine, I'll just include links back to previous threads for each season, that way people can still download the older ones without searching.
I like your idea better. I added "Season 1" to the title and will update it as new seasons are released and you create the inserts. That way, there is only one inclusive thread for people to visit.
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