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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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Ridiculous on this level alone...oh wait, it's only half ridiculous since he murdered the Senate.
Oh wait... it's not ridiculous since Senator Tal'Aura murdered the Senate with a miniature Thalaron device and the Romulan military was following him. Like I said, he had to cultivate alliances within the Romulan government.
I.e. he had the senate murdered - same group you just said he had an "alliance" with along with the military. With friends like that...

They're TV villains there to serve the story, not the other way around.
This from the guy who implied a story focusing on a 1st officer main character would have to have a captain who's an idiot so the 1st officer could look good. Well, I have to question your understanding of writing characters and storytelling.

Romulans have an established Modus Operandi which they follow. Romulans who don't follow it are uncommon enough that when they are featured in the shows, it's as a "WTF - You can't be like that!" factor in contrast to what we know of Romulans. The Romulans featured in Nemesis don't follow any sort of Romulan pattern, dissident or otherwise. Their motivation makes no sense in light of the situation they are in and in comparison to past depictions.

They were never presented with someone who promised them the Federation. Sometimes people will contemplate unholy alliances if it gives them what they want. Who knows, the Tal-Shiar may have had plans to eliminate Shinzon once he delivered them a victory over the Federation.
Coming out of a war and starting another one right after. Not only is it a silly move for a battered army, but they would have to deal with both the Federation AND the Klingons who would be more than happy to fight people whom they consider both treacherous and generally dishonorable. Furthermore, the Romulans tend not to go "ballz out" - they lure their enemy to them, test weaknesses, and then strike.

Not to mention the fact that they were embarrassed badly by the Dominion and may have lost quite a bit of political capital after their blunders.
"Embarrassed" - WTF? They helped win the war. The Dominion lost it. Embarrassment - FXD.

There is no indication that anyone has '100% trust' in Shinzon, they're simply following his flag to get what they want.
So with partial trust, some of their military officers stand up to the leaders of their empire.

With partial trust, a Senator follows Shinzon's orders and sneaks a weapon into the senate chambers and commits mass murder.

With partial trust, they allow slaves to have weapons AND to park a super-weapon above their homeworld.

With partial trust, certain Romulans are willing to start another war right after finishing a previous war, with no real guarantee of success.

Yeah, keep going, dude...

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