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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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"You would have said no"
I know it's only a single word but it makes a huge difference in the context of your arguement, the line is "You might have said no". And as a Federation member world, I find it hard to believe Starfleet would refuse their request. Anyway, it's a good example of "the needs of the many...", four Bynars sacrifice their liberty for the guaranteed safety of their entire planet.

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One great thing about Justice is Picard's line "There can be no justice where laws are absolute". Great line.
Agreed, that's a good one.
But he treats the Prime Directive as absolute... in some situations... when it makes the least amount of sense.
That's a good observation. He doesn't practice what he preaches when it comes to the law of the Prime Directive.
One day soon, man is going to be able to harness incredible energies, energies that could ultimately hurl us to other worlds in... some sort of spaceship.
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