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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Adelphi, USS
B is for Bozeman, USS
C is for Constitution, USS
D is for Defiant, USS
E is for Enterprise, USS
F is for Farragut, USS
G is for Ganges, USS
H is for Hood, USS
I is for Intrepid, USS
J is for Jenolen, USS
K is for Kelvin, USS
L is for Lakota, USS
M is for Melbourne, USS
N is for Nightwing, USS
O is for Oberth, USS
P is for Potemkin, USS
Q is for Quest, USS. Probably a Galaxy class.
R is for Repulse, USS
S is for Saratoga, USS
T is for Ticonderoga, USS
U is for Unicorn, USS
V is for Valiant, USS
W is for Wellington, USS
X is for Xhosa, SS(not a starship but still a registered Federation vessel)
Y is for Yamato, USS
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