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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Season One is almost finished. All I've got left is "The Neutral Zone". So far, here are my statistics.

Smartest Character: The Bynars
The way they handled the crises of their planet probably makes them the smartest alien species that has ever dealt with the Federation in Star Trek. There is a disturbing truth in the Bynars' simple reasoning "You would have said no", especially when you look at episodes like Dear Doctor (Archer and crew decide to allow two entire civilizations to die out when they asked for help) and Symbiosis (Picard is willing to let an entire civilization go through withdraw that will no doubt cause an outbreak of violence).

Annoying Character: Wesley Crusher
Take it away SFDebris, "First officer's log. Supplemental. Fu** you Wesley."

Worst Example of an Enlightened Human: Picard
Calls military uniforms "costumes" in a smug manner, hates children, allows a teenage boy who is an inexperience non-starfleet officer to take the ops station on the Federation flagship, will break the prime directive to save Wesley but not an entire civilization, reassures his first officer for not saving a little girl, openly questions the suggestions of his bridge staff when they make very logical suggestions and believes that humans will one day become angels and gods who will be more powerful than the Q.

More to come. TNZ will be a refresher.

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