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Re: What if Voyager didn't have its aeroshuttle?

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What if Voyager didn't have its aeroshuttle?
The show would have been completely different!

The idea of a plug is ridiculous, by the way. I guess the shuttle wasn't going to be ready until Tuesday?

No, what we see on Voyager herself is way too detailed for a "plug." The Drex Files photos show that the shuttle as it is on Voyager even has markings, which look like they might indeed be "Voyager" and "NCC-74656", as if it's ready to detach and move independently. Why put markings like that on a plug?

Besides, I won't believe that Janeway would have left DS9 without being shipshape, unless canon shoves that down my throat.
Obviously when the model of Voyager was made the belief was that we would see the aeroshuttle at some point in the series. In fact, Marvel Comics even featured the aeroshuttle in their Voyager series in the 90s.

As for Janeway leaving without it, I doubt she had a choice. Starfleet wanted Voyager to investigate the disappearance of Chakotay's ship, and aeroshuttle aside Voyager was ready to go. Since the aeroshuttle wasn't considered necessary for that particular mission, the ship was sent on its way.

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^^That's basically the rationalization that has since been provided in the novels for why we never saw the aeroshuttle.
We never saw the Captain's Yacht on the Enterprise D either, but there's nothing to say it wasn't there.
In the case of the Captain's Yacht on the Enteprise D, there never was a need to explain why it wasn't seen. With the aeroshuttle they kind of do need to explain why they spent an entire episode decoted to building their own scout ship, and even went to the trouble of building another one when it was destroyed when a perfectly good scout ship should have been sitting lodged in the hull. So, "it wasn't there" is as good as anything.
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